Healome organizes your health information.

Healome is one place for anyone to store their healthcare information and bring structure to the unstructured data. Using proprietary AI and ML techniques, we enable healthcare practitioners and researchers to provide insights to enhance your family’s wellbeing by tackling aging.

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Below are some of the key features we offer, please install the app to find out more.


Get insights into any abnormal patterns in your data. Personalized risk assessments help identify risk factors leading to diagnosis.


Managing multiple profiles for your family makes it easier to track elder’s and children's wellbeing needs at home.


Be part of the Deathless DAO and contribute to the large scale community based biomarker discovery research

How it works?


Learn True Age

Order a blood test for at home collection or upload the reports with one click to learn your Age

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Track Habits

Track all your health habits through wearablest at One place

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Discover Correlations

Track temporal impact of your habits like exercising, intermittent fasting, coffee, alcohol intake on the sleep, energy efficiencies and the organ specific age acceleration/deceleration

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Anonymised Health Analytics

Once you upload your blood test reports or connect your EHR, we remove any personal information and sensitive information from the records. Aggregated details regarding various biomarkers and diseases are used to provide insights into your age progression and recommendations for longevity.

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