Healome organizes your health information.

Healome is one place for anyone to store their healthcare information and bring structure to the unstructured data. Using proprietary AI and ML techniques, we anonymize your data and enable healthcare practitioners and researchers to provide insights to enhance your family’s wellbeing.

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Below are some of the key features we offer, please install the app to find out more.


Smart on-device search to fetch the relevant documents and reports from your medical history through keywords.


Track and organise all your and your family healthcare information, medicines, expenditure, all in one place.

Test Reports

Visualize the history of your biomarkers and parameters through a simple upload of images of your test reports.


Get automatic reminders for hospital visits, buy/refill recurring medicines based on your prescriptions.


Get insights into any abnormal patterns in your data. Our analytics predict the onset/recurrence of diseases in their early stages of progression.


Managing multiple profiles for your family makes it easier to track elder’s and children's wellbeing needs at home.

Anonymised Health Analytics

Once you upload your prescription and any of the blood test reports to the application, we remove any personal information and sensitive information from the records. Aggregated details regarding various biomarkers and diseases are used to provide insights into any abnormal patterns in your recent medical history.

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