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Full body comprehensive age test - Labcorp (USA)


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Full body age test package- At your home  (India)


We are currently supporting at home blood collection services only in Indian metro cities (Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru). If you are in the USA, you can schedule the test through the above link and we will drop you details for your nearest Labcorp visit. But if you are based anywhere else in the world and have access to nearby diagnostic centers, see below to upload your reports

What will I receive when I get tested?

Once we process the reports you will be invited to our app where you can see your overall biological age - including 60+ blood markers for full-body  evaluation

Apart from this we also share with you a detailed report of biomarkers that are affecting your longevity the most. These are some of the markers we closely monitor

  • CBC With Differential/Platelet

  • Liver Function Panel

  • Renal Panel

  • Lipid Panel

  • Fasting Glucose

  • Lactate Dehydrogenase

  • Osmolality

  • Glycohemoglobin

You will also be given access to our Longevity AI Coach to to get personalized insights on biomarkers that are impacting you the most

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I recently got tested, will those reports work?

Upload reports to calculate Biological age

YES! You can upload as many blood test reports as you have from your existing tests. These are the markers we look closely at to calculate biological age.

  • Platelet count

  • Red cell distribution width

  • Mean cell volume

  • Lymphocyte percent

  • Monocyte percent

  • Red blood cell count

  • Lymphocyte Number

  • Creatine Phosphokinase

  • Potassium

  • Creatinine (refrigerated serum)

  • Blood Urea Nitrogen

  • Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)

  • Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)

  • Glycohemoglobin

  • Glucose

  • Lactate Dehydrogenase

Even if you do not have all of them, don't worry - We estimate the rest of the markers through our AI models, and the ones you have will still help us generate your biological age personalized longevity protocols

Get in touch for more information

Other FAQ's
  • Do you support at home blood collection?
    Yes, in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi in India and most of the states in USA. We are rapidly expanding our local diagnostics partnerships and will start serving more cities in India and USA very soon! Visit our age test page for more details.
  • What is biological age?
    Biological age refers to an individual's age based on their physiological and cellular health, as opposed to their chronological age. It takes into account factors such as DNA damage, cellular senescence, telomere length, and biomarkers of ageing to provide a more accurate assessment of an individual's health and mortality risk
  • How is biological age calculated?
    Biological age can be calculated using blood clinical markers such as standard biochemistry panels, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, inflammation markers, liver and kidney function tests, and other biomarkers of aging. These markers are analyzed using algorithms that take into account age-related changes in each marker, and then provide an overall assessment of an individual's biological age. The Healome clock is an example of a biological age calculator that uses blood clinical markers to estimate an individual's biological age and provide personalized recommendations for improving their health and reducing their age acceleration.
  • How is your biological age clock different from others in the market?
    Traditional age testing companies use epigenetics to measure age, while Healome clock uses blood clinical markers for more interpretable insights. Epigenetic markers provide an estimate of biological age, but do not give any organ-specific disease information. In contrast, blood clinical work can provide insights into the increased or decreased risk of certain diseases, allowing for personalized longevity protocols. The Healome clock incentivizes users to optimize their health through gamification using the $HEAL token. Read our manifesto to get more details.
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