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Step 1: Book a blood test

We provide blood test bookings through our partners in all of US (except NY, NJ and RI) and in the cities Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India.

If you are located elsewhere in India or wish to book your tests with a different diagnostic provider, we recommend reaching out to the nearest NABL approved lab in your neighbourhood.

If you need any assistance with selecting a particular test, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Step 2: Download the app

  1. Create a new account on the app and provide neccesary information.

2. After successfully registering, go to your profile and select health information. Filling in this information is critical to ensuring your test results are accurate.

3. You are now ready to use the app!

Step 3: Optional steps

  1. If you are uploading your own report, you can purchase the biological age test package for 100 tokens.

  2. Make sure your biomarkers are accurately reflected. If not, you can go to the ‘Biomarkers’ panel to edit them.

  3. Connect wearables!
    While calculating biological age only requires your blood reports, a wearable can help track and improve your core vitals. Although connecting wearables is optional, Healome strongly recommends using one. Healome’s purpose is to enable better health and lifestyle choices. Calculating your biological age is just one part of this process. Improving your biological age requires tracking your daily habits and vital health metrics, such as your sleep score, energy score, and resting heart rate. Incremental improvements in these metrics will result in a healthier biological age.

Pro tip: We recommend using LongevityGPT to suggest healthier lifestyle protocols and a mix of wearable (+ habit) tracking to achieve the best results.

Step 4: What's next?

Now you can start tracking habits and see the correlation of those habits to your health metrics like Biological Age, Energy Score, and Sleep Score. Taking Biological Age tests every 3-6 months will enable you to visualize these correlations periodically.

Cheers to a healthier future with Healome!

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