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What is Healome and why should you care?

Updated: Feb 20

Banner image with the Healome logo, name and tagline of "Your personalized longevity coach"

“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

― Dante Alighieri

How is it that we have access to wallets, savings, and credit instruments on our phones, but no real estimation of how much time we have (to live)?

( While there is no precise estimation of how much time anyone really has, we can now with reasonable accuracy state someone's biological age, more on that here)

Healome is based on a simple question:

How can one find reliable information on their body and its ageing clock?”

Our goal remains to build a comprehensive age-timepiece, an all-encompassing repository of information unique only to you, data stored with the highest security, giving you access to our singular-most-important resource; time (or in simple human terms, age). As stated in the now famous ‘ The Hallmarks of Ageing’, Aging is characterized by a progressive loss of physiological integrity, leading to impaired function and increased vulnerability to death.

Why should you care?

Besides the self-evident increase in primary risk factors, ageing in itself takes a toll on your present. While we do not recommend adopting a radical philosophy towards life, how we chose to experience it remains our privilege still; we do however believe in having the knowledge and actionable data to build the life we desire. Hence, Healome.

Healome assesses your relationship with sleep, diet, exercise, and stress through 3 everyday metrics:

  1. Sleep Score ( Sleep, the only performance-enhancing drug you need)

  2. Energy Score ( Your body’s daily output)

  3. Resting Heart Rate ( Your cardiac efficiency, simplified)

Our Longevity bot can answer your answers on all things health, longevity and ageing. (You may find it on Web, WhatsApp and Telegram. Since our bot goes through thousands of papers, responses may take a minute or two)

Our ML models use Longitudinal Biomarker analysis ( Biomarker progression, trend analysis, and screening) and personalized risk stratification to ascertain your overall health score and biological age. Our team of academics has been collaborating with the foremost institutions championing research in ageing. Our algorithm is trained on exhaustive human data across demographics. We believe Healome represents decades of age-related research, a working estimate of our most precious resource.

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