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Navigating through the Healome App

Updated: 6 days ago

If you haven't taken the age test already, refer to this blog where we explain the whole process in detail.


The homepage serves as the interface of our app, providing users with easy access to various features.

Here, you can find concise overviews, view your, all important, biological age, and check the status of your vital organs.

Additionally, uploading reports and scheduling at-home blood tests are just a few clicks away.


Within this section, you'll find all your critical health data, which is automatically populated from your blood test report.

This feature provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your metrics conveniently presented in a single tab.


This tab allows you to create new habits and log them daily.

You can choose the frequencies, set daily default values and add more habits as you progress

Adding a new habit:

To add a new habit, tap on "Add Habit",

which takes you to this page.

Here you can name your habit and set daily limits to it.


Every metric we generate is backed by data, and this is the tab where you see all the quantitative info laid out.

As you add more data, you can start comparing various metrics like "Resting Heart Rate", "Energy Score", "Sleep Score", "Biological Age" with your daily habits and your blood biomarkers.

With time, you'll get a detailed trend of how your habits affect your age and other factors.

Using this, you can take better health decisions.


From this tab, you can access your current profile, change your profile, view your token balance, purchase more tokens and chat with Health GPT.

If you have any health questions, tap on

"Health GPT" which will take you to WhatsApp, where you can directly talk to our bot, ask health questions and get accurate answers to your queries.

You can also, tap on "Refer" to share a unique referral code with your friends. This enables you to earn even more tokens.


Health GPT a.k.a. Longevity GPT uses Semantic Scholar to fetch research papers on topics relevant to the queries of the user.

This yields in very accurate responses, that are grounded in research.

Thus, enhancing the quality and credibility of the information provided.

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