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I got my age test done. What should I do now to slow down my aging?

Updated: Apr 9

If you haven't taken the age test already, refer to this blog where we explain the whole process in detail.

Great question. The Scientific community is trying hard to find out the answer. But, unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each of us is unique due to our lifestyles, health conditions, and pre-disposed risks. We do not ask you to indulge in any specific habit or buy any supplement. Our goal is to find out what works for you before suggesting anything.

Step 1 - Track habits

Head over to the habits page. Add your habits, set the default values, and start logging. We have perfected the interface to logging habits and it takes less than 5 seconds of your time per day! You don't need to log in every day (we already have the default values). Just ensure to log in whenever you have deviated significantly from your default. Let the AI help you figure out which habits are working in your favor and guide you with suggestions that suit your preferences.

Step 2 - Improve the scores from insights

Aim for a younger biological age on your next blood test by focusing on 3 core metrics:

1) reducing resting heart rate (stress), 2) boosting energy, 3) enhancing sleep.

Go to the correlations page, select a score from the top menu, compare it with your habits from the dropdown menu, and apply the insights. As your health improves, your next blood work will reflect healthier readings, slowed aging, and more $HEAL rewards.


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