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A step-by-step guide to knowing your biological age with Healome

Updated: Feb 11

Image of a diagnostics assistant analyzing blood sample in the lab

Before glancing over the process, congrats to you for starting up a journey to know yourself better and live longer. Unlike most of the random age calculators online which guesses your biological age with demographic questions, Healome uses regular blood work reports to calculate your biological age. Check out why we are the best aging clock out there

So to know your biological age you first need to get some blood tests done to analyze your complete blood count, kidney, liver, and lipid panels. If they all sound gibberish, don’t freak out! these are common things that you will get out of most of the annual health checkups that your insurance pays for.

In case you didn’t get your annual health checkup recently and are based out of India or USA, you can get the required tests done from the comfort of your home. Just visit this page, click on the “Book now” button, fill up the details, pay, and voila your at-home blood collection is scheduled.

If you recently got most of those tests done or received the blood test reports from our partners, download and install the Healome app either from the Apple app store or Google Play store

When the app download is done, here is how you can see your biological age:

If you ordered blood test reports via Healome

Image containing screenshots of healome app home page

  1. Click on the “Biological age” card

  2. When you order tests from us, we already reward you with 100 Healome tokens. You can use them to purchase the test series with those tokens. So overall you can calculate biological age essentially for free!

  3. Once you click on the “Purchase test series” button, your biological age is calculated in the background, and when you go back to your home page, voila! you should see your biological age

If you already have the reports with you

Collage image of healome app screenshots to measure biological age by uploading reports

  1. Click on the “Upload reports” button on the home page

  2. Tap on the photo of the user profile to whom the reports belong. (Yes you can create multiple profiles for all your loved ones and keep a tab on their health from the same app!)

  3. Upload the blood test PDFs, so that you can use the Healome app as a repository to store your biomarkers and generate graphs over time without even using our biological age calculation service.

  4. Once you are done uploading reports, go back to the home page - click on the biological age card.

  5. Purchase a new biological test for 100 Healome tokens.

  6. You can purchase the token within the app and once you are done purchasing, go back to step 4, click on purchase tests as mentioned in step 5.

  7. Your biological age is calculated in the background and when you go back to your home page, voila! You should see your biological age.

If you still have some doubts, you can refer to the video below:

Any other questions?

Send us a message on customer support WhatsApp at +91 6309 888 764

or click the link at enter your query, and our team will respond back to you with-in 24 hrs.

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